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Do-all-village (Hammond, IN)


An elderly man operated a dry cleaner called Do-All-Village, Inc in Hammond, Indiana and through no fault of his own, his company was legally responsible to pay for the environmental investigation and cleanup of carcinogenic solvents released into the soil and groundwater from years of operation. Insurance carriers promised to cleanup the contamination, but after seven years never did. The man passed away leaving his grandchildren an empty estate that was dealing with the personal injury and property value diminution lawsuits brought by neighboring property owners.

Action Plan

1. Stratified purchased the contaminated property and the entire block of neighboring residential properties for full-market value--fairly compensating the neighbors that were suing Do-All-Village and its carriers for property value diminution which significantly weakened the property diminution claims. 
2. All properties were contaminated and required soil and groundwater remediation. 
3. Worked with EnviroForensics, an environmental engineering company known for their innovative technology and through remediation, to investigate and remediate the environmental contamination. 


1. Resolved the long-tail liability of the personal injury and environmental claims. 
2. Managed the environmental remediation, which ensured that the property could be developed and put back into productive use for the community. 
3. The heirs resolved their grandfather’s estate and received a monetary inheritance, which which was made possible by the purchase of their grandfather’s contaminated property. 

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