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We Buy Contaminated Property


Who We Are

Stratified Management Group is a consulting firm that puts together deals to buy and sell environmentally contaminated properties, resolve long-tail liabilities and redevelop brownfield sites. Stratified works with property owners, municipalities, banks, and brokers to turn environmentally contaminated properties into productive real estate. 

What We Do

Environmental contamination can cost millions of dollars to clean up, money that most people don’t have available. We assist with the acquisition and redevelopment of contaminated properties, find the funding sources for remediation, manage the cleanup, and obtain the property zoning and entitlements. We partner with other investors to buy and redevelop contaminated properties.

1. We Find and Assess Contaminated Properties

We work with parties that own property or want to resolve complex non-performing contaminated properties. We work with a team of experts to evaluate the environmental conditions of the property, determine the cost to clean up the contamination, and look for funding sources to pay for the remedial activities. 

2. We Find Buyers

We work with investors to pay for the property purchases and the costs associated with the cleanup process. We manage the site investigation and remediation, and work in parallel with developers as they determine the future land use. 

3. We Find Developers

We work with business owners and municipalities to determine land use options and obtain the necessary zoning permits, entitlements, and tax credits. We also wok with developers and lenders to build confidence with the project goals and in the cleanup and redevelopment schedule. 





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Property Acquisition: We will bring prospective buyers to the property owners and coordinate contaminated property transactions.

Property Due Diligence and Assessment: We will work with an expert team to assess the property and to determine the magnitude and extent of the environmental contamination, evaluate the source of the contamination, determine the likelihood of third-arty liability, and develop cost estimates to clean up the property.

Bridge Funding: We will evaluate and develop the funding mechanisms for purchasing the property and for financing the cleanup.

Environmental Liability Transfer: We will work with the buyers and sellers to identify environmental liability and to coordinate the transfer of the liability away from the seller.

Claims Management: We will manage the environmental claims that may arise from the property contamination, which includes environmental, legal, and insurance carrier coordination.

Environmental Cleanup: We will coordinate with experts that conduct the environmental activities necessary to clean up the property and obtain regulatory closure.

Zoning & Entitlements for Property Development: We will work buyers, city officials, and developers to obtain the zoning permit, variances, incentives, and entitlements necessary to redevelop the subject properties, as well as, providing assistance in obtaining tax credit financing and grants that may be required to make the project viable.   

A bank approached us that held the mortgage note on a company that went into bankruptcy and defaulted on the note. We brought in Stratified, who purchased the note. Stratified had us conduct the site investigation and remediation, which is currently being completed. Stratified then purchased the neighboring property to expand the future development and will be prepared to develop it in the next few months.
— EnviroForensics, LLC

Case Studies

Learn how Stratified saves property owners from environmental liability 


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